I went for my blood panel this morning.

I had completely forgotten about it. >.<

My mum called at 8..something, and I had absolutely no clue what she was talking about.  I don’t even remember what she said to me.  Something about, “You’re still asleep?!” And with me saying something like, “Not anymore, wide awake over here!”

Anyways, blah blah, I got my arse out of bed, she picked me up and away we went.  With my niece in tow (she’s visiting for a couple of weeks) (and laughing like a crazy maniac as I type this) The um, blood guy? (Hematologist!  I looked it up!)  is really nice.  But never really remembers me, and I see him once every 6 weeks to get my thyroid checked (I choose to overlook the fact that I am very forgettable, seeing as he really is good at sucking out my blood, and really nice)

ANYWAYS,  he congratulated me, (thanks!) asked me if I was OK since I was lying on his table thing.  I said, “Yes, I have to because when I sit up to get blood it makes me pass out for some reason”  He asked if it was because I get nervous.  I said, “No, I’m not sure why” to which he replied, “Some people are just like that.”

This is where I’m thinking “How does he NEVER remember me? I ALWAYS lay down, and EVERY TIME we go through the same thing.”  “Why are you lying down? Are you OK?” “Yes, I am fine.  I just have too so I don’t pass out.”

The passing out thing I think, has something to do with me having very deep veins.  The first time I came to him, I sat, and he couldn’t get a vein, which had never happened to him (which I believe, since he is very good) so he had to use a peds butterfly thingy in the back of my hand.  Which SUCKED, and as soon as it started to SLOWLY take my blood the more it took, the more I nearly had to pass out. A nurse had to come people! It was HUMILIATING.  And I had to go back the next day, because he didn’t get ENOUGH blood >.<

SO NOW I LAY.  And he never remembers why.


I had to have a HIV test too.  So um, weird. BUT ROUTINE!!  They tell me. Also, my arm hurts and I am gonna get a bruise 😦


I have a BACHELORETTE party tonight!!!!!!!!!!


(fake excitement is hard to convey on the Internet)

I’m only happy to see the bachelorette and two other girls, everyone else is yuck.  But my friend that I’m going with feels the same way!!  So that’s something.  I suppose.  Pray for me, specifically that I don’t shove any appendages in my mouth. *weeping*