Today I am especially feeling the nausea.  I haven’t actually puked, mainly though, because I hate (hate hate) puking. It’s really weird, but I’d rather just lay down and spend the day feeling like crap than to actually just puke and be done with it.  Taylor thinks I am really stupid, and at this point I’m not exactly disagreeing.  It’s especially inconvenient today, since it’s Fathers Day. Which means, dinner at my Aunt and Uncle’s place. Even queasy I’m still looking forward to it.  I just really hope I don’t puke while I’m out. >.<

Something funny/horrifying to leave you with.

My friend and I did face masks and took a picture, I ended up looking like the Joker. lol

Crazy we be

My friend looks like Mr. Hanky from South Park. But she doesn’t watch it, so the reference was lost on her.