this is an excerpt from a conversation with my sister :

me: oh i got hot salsa. yesterday, and had some earlier and it’s not hot
at all
i was really mad
hahaah i get really mad now
but like
its funny
mum was laughing
i was ranting about dr *****.  cuz his wife is doing this.  health thing.
and she’s a huge bitch (edit: she is really a HUGE BITCH people)
and i was like no way is she gonna check my bmi and blood pressure
i go there for chiropractor. not to get told im fat
plus i don’t want to have to tell them i’m pregnant yet.
dad told all of aunt barb and everyone but didn’t tell me!
so we showed up there on sunday. and they were all congratulations! and i was all…ohhh i didn’t know you knew. aunt barb laughed. and was like yeah well its on Facebook now.
See how it all ties in?  I hate Facebook for so many reasons, and myself a little, since I am a major hypocrite and am on there.  But I can tell you, I hate every minute of it!