I got to marinate in a salt water pool tonight.

It was beyond sublime.  It was ten kinds of fantastic!

I was in my pajama pants and a Deftones t-shirt and loved loved loved every second of it.  I got to work all my muscles in a peaceful way and do some cart-wheels.

I hadn’t been in a pool in nearly 8 years, and swimming is my all-time favourite way to exercise.  I have loose joints and so many other issues that it makes me strong without any fear of accidents.

Swimming tonight cemented in a few things that I’d had stewing around in my mind.

1st, is that I am definitely getting a membership to the community center so I can swim whenever I’m able.

2nd,  I am definitely birthing or at least labouring in the water.

Water is so Powerful and Comforting.  It helps me center myself, and helps me meditate.

These are the things I want to have surrounding me while giving birth.  So I’ve got my plan, and now it’s time to go pool hunting. ^.^