alternately titled: I am a fucking follower

so yeah. picture. recent! ish. two weeks ago so whatever.

Now to the 15 ‘interesting’ facts about me.

blergh. wait until i tell you guys how i named this blog.

(starting from the top of my head)

1) I am nearly 6 months pregnant, OR according to “what to expect when you are expecting blah blah book” I am “in my sixth month” huh. that could be interesting. if it meant anything other than, you are indeed still pregnant, and possibly becoming more increasingly bitter/uncomfortable/eye rolling

2) I just turned 23 and have been married for getting closeish to three years.

3) I have been sick with mystery chronic diseases since 15, therefore my life has been pretty hellish and miserable for a loooong time. I’ve only been diagnosed and getting mildly (in my opinion) treated for a little over a year.

4) I have severe hypermobility/fybromialgia/inflammation of the blood/adrenal and thyroid problems/do not make the hormone Progesterone on my own properly -because of these not being addressed for almost ten years I have been very very sick for a very long time and its caused a lot of difficult to reverse damage physically/psychologically. Becoming pregnant was kinda a miracle.  I wasn’t supposed to be able to.

5) I was a dancer for 10 years, considered pursuing it professionally at one point, but then see above

6) I am a good 80 pounds overweight from, see two above.

7) I haven’t gained any weight so far in my pregnancy, which means I have gained baby/uterus weight but lost fat weight. I am only kind of gloating. Mostly really relieved, because see above.

8 ) I am very serious. It took me a long time to accept that about myself.

9) I have ‘exorcised’ a house before. I am not even kind of kidding. see above.

10) I love to create

11) I am very good at making friends with anyone.

12) I am a scarily good liar. but i wasn’t lying about the house thing.

13) Being sick for so long has made me pretty lazy, because I know how much that effort is going to take out of me. I am very lucky my mr. is such a good fetcher.

14) I have no fears about raising this kid. I am pretty excited about it, actually.

15) I am really sarcastic. my husband is really not. I’m ‘working’ on it.

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stolen from JD, who stole it from Jess, who stole it from! Elle who I found via Jess, Elle is bitchin folks.