Midwife and Chiropractor appts today went very well.  Being able to see my chiropractor twice a week has been amazing.  I have had very minimal physical pain since being pregnant.  I don’t know how on earth other pregnant women can cope with being pregnant without seeing someone!  Seriously yo.  Tip number one to people not as of yet knocked up.

I love my midwife appointments.  She is so nice and chill. We talked about birth stuff today. i.e. what to do if my water breaks early and questions I had.
Three more weeks and I am considered term! Well actually more like two and a half.  Holy WOW.
Also, my last ultrasound is on the 19th this month (to check presentation, since I am planning a home birth we don’t want any surprises) at 7:30 AM. AM! That is insane. >.<  But hey, we may be able to find out the sex so that’s kinda cool.  I am really sick of green and yellow shit.  It is insanely frustrating that you can only have green or yellow. (apparently all other colours take sides) They DO make girl stuff that’s not too girly or vomit pink, but is still obviously not ‘gender neutral’ either.  Which I don’t love.
I’m thinking this kid is going to have a lot of costumes.

I still don’t feel like I am going to be getting an actual human from this.  It STILL has not sunk in. I don’t know if it will until there is a slippery fresh human on the outside in my hands.
It’s not that I don’t feel connected. I just cannot imagine a life with 3. My brain cannot connect the imagery.  But Taylor has the entire confidence of the Universe, so I think we’ll be ok.

Sometimes I think my brain has been damaged by all the bad things I’ve experienced so far in life. That the promise of pure joy in my future is just incomprehensible.  Babies are magic, healing balls of light.   And even though my brain can’t picture my near future too well.  I am still so excited!