This is from our 36 week ultra sound. It went really well! Fluid is great. Umbilical blood flow is great! And!
It’s a girl! 😀

She was so chill in there, it was so cute. The ultrasound tech was smitten (which I’m sure she is with all adorable little fetuses)

She loves being in a ball with her arm up stroking her face.

Gah!! The cute of my baby!


So I promptly went out and bought a few less gender ambiguous clothes.




I have a mad love for vintage style rainbow stuff.

Also, Taylor is going to be a dad!

(Cue mind being blown)



There is a frog. On it’s BUTT! ❤

So yeah! My weeks has been pretty alright. I’m starting to slow down now, the baby has dropped into my pelvis so walking is…interesting.