So today using my handy iPod I took some pictures of our apartment. If it didn’t take over 12 hours to charge my real cameras batteries I would have taken proper shots.
But today grainy will have to do.

*edit* the anal photographer in me is cringing at the quality of these shots.

This is a magazine holder that my mum brought back for us from India.  It’s hanging on the outside of our bathroom door.

Living room area

Baby bassinet! I scored this for only 20 bucks! The satin blanket was my mums baby blanket.

Silk pillow covers from India. We decided to hang them on the wall instead.

Dining room

(missing a bench since Taylor didn’t put it back >.<)

Wall tapestry from India.

Baby toys

Our room. Notice the MOUNTAIN of pillows.

The baby crib. We are planning to sidecar it to our bed, so that it has it’s own space but is still right next to me.

So yep. That’s it for now. I plan to charge my batteries and do a real proper apartment shoot. Including the guest bedroom