So this is the email Taylor sent to his best friend, telling him we are having a girl.

Please to enjoy this peek into my Mr’s brainz.

Her name is going to be Tree Kicker Alpha Siren!
No bullshit! just pure asskicking madness!
No human milk for her, she’ll be cattapaulted to tree tops from which
she will learn to live amongst the squrrly folk and learn their ways
of twig busting ninjary.

Her hair will be of clouds, her cape of dried leaves and thorns. with
a whistle branch that’s song commands swarms of birds to her smallest
And on Tuesdays she will bring us trailmix farmed from her chipmunk minions.

It all, will indeed be quite grand!

–end scene–

Once this kid is verbal, it will be quite an interesting household, I think.