Monday was a fantastic day.
Truly an awesome day from start to finish.

Taylor and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day.
For different reasons, but mainly because we’re broke like no joke, and were not people.
I love birthdays. That’s my thing, but everything else is

But even though we had no plans for anything other than an ordinary day, it ended up turning into a deliciously romantic afternoon. Something that was much needed without my realizing it.

I had done my makeup, and put together an outfit. Taken a few pictures (which I’ve already posted around the web and on here) when I was just laying down in bed and relaxing while feeling the baby move all around, savouring the last days of her on the inside, when Taylor came and put on some Bjork and laid down beside me. We just spent a while lying there, with him stroking my belly and my face and hair. We didn’t talk, just laid there listening to the music. Loving each other in the quiet.
He is so special, and makes me feel so very loved in such an intense way sometimes.
This was just one of those out of the blue moments, where we both slowed down at the same time and took the time to just, be.
Just us.
Soon, it will be us and her. The person we made. And just, ah.
Thinking about all that. That our lives are going to be so different soon, and I knew he was thinking all that too, by how he was drinking us in with his hands. Memorizing what I felt like pregnant.
The moment was so special, and I don’t want to forget this.
When things are tired, and stressful. I want to remember that he is perfect. That he loves me perfectly.

These days have turned very bittersweet, and I’m getting all emotional about it all being over soon. The feeling of a person hiccuping inside you (!) is so crazy, and surreal. I can’t explain it. But all those things, are very special and intimate.
It’s making me all sad that this part is going to be done soon, and I am really going to miss it.