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haaaa…Ima shithead

BUT see, I have a LJ and I posted there a buncha times. But you all don’t know about it, so you didn’t see.
But it’s your fault cuz you should follow me on Twitter.
Ya, you are.
OH ! some tips.
Get a baby vibrating chair. Just shut up and get one now. RUN.
annnd. Cloth diaper prefolds can give your newborn an effing horrific rash from them peeing so often >.<
Budget in Natural disposable diapers anyways, jerk.
People’s happiness because of your happiness, and their acts of grand generosity will restore your faith in humanity.

So timeline!

(p.s. this is not the birth story, I still am figuring that out all in my head first)

February 20th I posted this on LJ:

***Been having contractions since 8ish tonight. Moved around and had a shower and they’re still going. Thinking/Hoping this is it.***

24 hours later, almost to the minute, Tzigana-Mae was born! (huzzah)

With! My vagina virtually intact. Labour was painful. As in, “FUCK/BALLZ/SHIT!!” painful. Pushing felt fantastic, and once she was out LITERALLY! all the pain was gone. I felt the best I’d felt since ever. My midwives were laughing at how excited I was to have my kid on the outside and! to not! be! pregnant!!

***sidenote: now I really miss being pregnant.  She is growing too fast (sad trombone)

Since Ziggy’s birth, life has been a whirlwind. She keeps me busy, she is a  milk vampire. (she was born with two teeth)

This past week has been a bit more crazy than usual because she is going through a growth spurt AND! terrible gas pain issues (super sad trombone)

My time to type with my fingers is limited, so I’ll just get on with the picture onslaught.  Since it’s a pain in the arse to do video’s on WP I’m going to wait till I make her first month video extravaganza.





These are just of her first week. Since my camera decided to be a shithead and everything is on my iPod AND they will not import for some dick reason into my iPhoto so I have to do a post on my WP app which takes FOREVER!!!!!! ugh

oh actually the last couple pictures are from our anniversary day on the 11th.

Which, brings me to the next post!