So ya. I am a terrible blogger, blah blah.
I shall assuage my guilt with granting you pictures of Zigga zigga! Which will only be new if you don’t have me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.











This month, there have been lots of new firsts with wee Ziggeh. Most recently, we have embarked on the cruel journey of teething. And let me just say, OH MY EFF! She is only seven weeks. This is just cruel, I am thanking the wee (possibly also teething) baby Jesus for homeopathic remedies. They are life and sanity savers, and the only things that stop the sad panda tears.
Other new things include, almost complete head control, lots and lots of smiles! And today, we had near giggles.
Obviously my life is all baby, all the time. I just need to figure out how to keep our place clean again. I’m thinking , one chore a day.
On a sad note, my joints have gone to shit again. It’s getting really hard to hold Tzigana-Mae while standing, without her in a carrier. That sucks a lot, and there really isn’t a solution 😦
How are all you guys? Tell me something funny.

p.s. I hate that I have to pay to be able to put videos on here. How Fascist is that?!