41 weeks 1 day.

The day Tzigana-Mae was born.

Birth, is this crazy, trippy thing.

It takes forever, but goes by like a blur.  Much like pregnancy, and life in general. (lookit me being all obvious with the cliches)

But, before I get to the gore, (actually, mine was particularly Gore (aheha, insert some kind of vague Al Gore joke here) free) I would like to get the Before things outta the way.

The previous day, a Sunday, (at around 8:20 pm) is when things started moving along.

I remember that day pretty well. I was stressing about the Tuesday coming up. If I hadn’t gone into labour by then, we would need to do the stress tests and nst and all that fun stuff. Now, being with a midwife, I could of course decline, decline, decline. But, I decided to just assume I would have the fresh human on the outside by then.

On one hand, I wanted to go ahead and have this baby, so I wouldn’t have to stare down the Induction Talk barrel anymore. On the other, I honestly was not that uncomfortable. I was not in one of those, “get this baby outta here!” states of mind. I was fine, I enjoyed feeling her on the inside. She was safe, and I really loved being pregnant by that point.

By which, I mean, the first five months were Puke Hell, and then it only upgraded to a slightly more functional Nausea Purgatory.

But towards the very end. It got a lot better, I didn’t have any joint pain, except for the pelvic pain, of OMG SHIN SPLINTS IN MY VAGINA. But, OK, other than that agony. Life was good.

I should back up and explain, why, with having a midwife, there was already discussions of having ‘The Discussion” about going over due.  I have hormone ‘issues’ and sometimes, with hormone issues, pregnant women if they are ABLE to get pregnant. They will have lovely pregnancies, but when it comes time for the end. We kinda stall out. Espcially when it comes to having a Thyroid issue as well.  So, that is why, at 41 weeks.  We were discussing, about discussing, “The Discussion.”

If there are any home-birthy-crunchers reading this, please know that, while I am more of a soggy crunch, I am TOTALLY with you on letting your body do its thing, in its own time. Which is why, it was just a discussion, about a Discussion.

Moving ON

Sunday Night! Turned into, THE NIGHT. Dun Dun DUH

It was pretty slow, boring, kinda uncomfortable, and did I mention boring? Also, I had downloaded this Contraction Timer iPod App. That SUCKED, it didn’t help that apparently I had “lingering contractions” which basically means that, They slowly got stronger and then slowly got mild again. See how I didn’t mention that they would STOP? No, OK, my contractions never really stopped. Just got less intense. THE ENTIRE 24 hours of LABOURRRR AHHHHH *dies* So that bit screwed up my ability to time them. Cue calling my midwife at 4 in the morning, like a douche, being all “HI! I haven’t done this before, so…what do I do now?” Her response, “SLEEP WOMAN, and call me in the morning.” Not actually though, she was really nice about the whole being woken up in the middle of the night.

So recap.

At around 8:20 pm things started happening. The then not really contractions, contractions, felt similar to period cramps, but in the bottom part of my stomach, by my pelvis area. Nothing happened for a long time, except being uncomfortable and frustrated as all heck with the stupidest of stupid iPod apps.

Birth Story soon folks!


you know how people tell you that when its really early labour, to rest and sleep as much as possible? And then when it happens to you, you don’t. Which you regret, so then YOU tell people the same thing.

Well, I’m not telling you that, because you won’t listen anyways. The same goes with “SLEEP WHEN THE BABY SLEEP AHHHH” people as well. Cuz sure, you should, but you WON’T. So I’m not gonna even say it.

Except you should.