My girl, You are a RIOT

You are a Pixie Gnome. You are MAGIC

You are Fire and Light.

These five months have been full of Growth and Understanding.  You have grown so much, at the speed of light it seems sometimes. Your Papa and I have been growing too.  Slower than you my dear, but there it is.

Delightful, Charming, quick to Smile, and Love are the outstanding traits thus far.

You sit, bang on your bongo, bang on anything really. Have mastered the Bitch Slap, the Scream/Shreak/Squeal. MASTERED I tell ya.

You love your toys.

You love love love all the people in your life, but Mama just a pinch above the rest.

Already my babe, you are a comedic timing mastermind. You know when to inflect your voice in any conversation, which regularly results in pauses by the Growns, and laughter from all of us, which just eggs you on to really turn on the charm and giggles.

You weigh just under 14 pounds, and are still relatively wee in length.

But really, all the maniacal jumping more than makes up for the wee stature.

My love, I love you!