Ziggy baby!  You are now officially nine months!  And in less than two weeks you will have officially been outside of my body as long as you were inside.  Woah.

Your eighth month was full of busy. B-U-S-Y!

There was so much going on in ways of family things that is just zoomed by.

This last half of the month consisted you of you:

-pulling yourself up by yourself

-starting to cruise along furniture

-walking with us holding your hands

-walking while pushing your big wooden activity block

-standing up by yourself from a squat position and just standing there in complete, adorable awe of your viking strength!

Girl you are wild. You are LOUD. You are one of us!

You don’t have any new words this month. And in fact, since starting practicing walking and the teething (eye teeth are bastards) you have gone back to mainly babbling with some mamamama and daddeedaddee babababa ROAR.  But the last three days have had you sign Papa, Milk, and Want.

Ecing is still not as consistent as I would like it, but we’re all doing our best and life is busy and you are even busier.  Eating babyled weaning style is still going quite slow.  You are just really not interested. At all.  You play, and taste but thats pretty much it.  You love drinking water out of Mama’s water bottle so today we got you a couple of your own.

Baby this month has been FUN.  I love the newborn stage and I love the bigger baby stage!  Your personality is blossoming, you are a ray of sunshine.  You light up rooms, and still are quite the charmer and people person.  The past two months you have needed more Mama time which has been frustrating for your Papa, but you still adore him and ask for him to come and play with you.  I’m am so thrilled to see the two of you forming such a strong bond.  A girl and her Papa is such an important relationship.

I love you my love, and I am honoured to be your Mama.