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I started to slowly go through some pictures of the past few months today.

Here are a two of Ziggy-Mae ^.^

She was so round!


On My Mind

– Bob Dylan speaks to my soul

– These past two days Tzigana has started hooting like an owl.  We were trying to teach her to howl like a wolf. Owl/Wolf.  Pretty close really.

– We want to move back to Toronto so badly, to the Distillery  District..  I don’t do well with staying in one place for long.

– I am so relieved it seems that Tzigana-Mae has mostly grown out of her food sensitivities.  I am still staying away from Dairy and Soy but at least if I accidentally have some it doesn’t bother her.

– I am so lonely for a friend in real life.  We don’t have to be the same even, just at least respectful of my parenting differences.. *sad sigh*

~~What is on your mind these days?


A happy break during the sad panda teething saga


We got smiles people

Tzigana-Mae is four weeks old as of yesterday and today weighed in at 8.8 pounds.  Her birth weight was 6.12 so I guess that’s impressive?

Lookit my little overachiever.

Oh hey, I’m just sitting here, thinking about the dictionary..

heh, heh, heh. I just looked up tits.


Hey guys! You know how people are all like, “if the kid can ask for it, it’s time to wean.” ??

Most kids call nursing, their milkies, or boobies or num nums (CREEPY)

I am going to teach her to say TITTY

So in public she can be all, “GIVE ME MY TITTIES!”

We Three

On the 11th it was our third wedding anniversary. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it since we have such a wee one occupying our days, but it was fantastic. The best one yet. And I really mean that.

Our anniversary was awesome-sauce!

We watched some movies, and had wine and orgasmic sushi and made out like teenagers.

(the whole not allowed to have sex still is actually fun)

((taylor has other facial expressions i promise))

Still no baby

Self Portraits of an Almost Mother

Self Portrait Of An Almost Mother

Self Portrait Of An Almost Mother

Self Portrait Of An Almost Mother


debt free! debt free! debt free!


Hoping Your weekend was peaceful

and full of good kisses

and fun

Him: I don’t like that one.
Me: Me either. Why don’t you like it?
Him: Cuz it says, “Ohhh, we’re a family now, so we must conform to the family colours of family-ness.”

Can I admit that I didn’t even really want a stroller??  Anyways, we must, we must. So this is the one we’ve picked.

At least I can do the dang baby registries online >.<