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Little Blue Dragon







I received this in the mail yesterday and had been saving this to give to her until I felt it was the right time. My dad came over today for some Chili and Cornbread and Bob Dylan tunes. This moment felt like the right time 🙂


Here is the video of her after she had figured out what to do with it 😀

I love seeing him and her together and interacting.  ❤

It wasn’t teething.
Ziggy has an ulcer under her tongue that was caused by her teeth. The past three days have been a living nightmare you guys. Hearing her scream like she was dying has traumatized me so bad it affected my milk supply. We managed to get her into the best Pediatric dentist here this afternoon. Her teeth are well developed for Natal teeth and don’t need to be removed, but to stop from scraping under her tongue every time she nurses they needed to be filed down.
The procedure itself wasn’t painful but I had to hold her still while it was happening and she screamed so bad that her eyes are blood shot and the hygienist almost cried. Awful does not describe this day.
Z is doing much better though since. She is still fussy and has pretty miserable moments, but they are just moments. A wonderful break from the near constant hysteria of the past 5 days.

Also, yesterday I took Z to the walk-in down from us, to make sure there wasn’t something going on somewhere in her body that I was mistaking for teething, and while the Doctor was completely unhelpful in the mouth issues department. I had him also check out her bellybutton because Taylor noticed it looked a little shadowy on Saturday, and then Monday it was darker. Lo and behold, on top of everything, Z also has an umbilical hernia. >.<
>.< xs infinity.

To break the slitmywrists mood, here are some pictures of Z from today.
P.S. She just fell asleep for the first time in days without having to be witch doctored by me. Huzzah!

White bit is the ulcer. It’s basically a big puffy canker sore

The nursing necklace I’m wearing that Tzigana-Mae is grabbed onto, is an amethyst stone heart, called Mama’s Heart. I just received it yesterday from
I love it.
Amethyst is Tzigana’s birthstone.
It is crazy mad how much I love her.

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A happy break during the sad panda teething saga



We are in the deep trenches of teething. It. Is. Horrific. I am dead serious. My babu isn’t even eight weeks and is in horrible pain. The other night she woke up screaming so bad, she sounded like she had been broken in half. I was barely awake so it felt like a living nightmare.
My poor baby.
She is still a bright, little light when not suffering.
Though, I am thoroughly traumatized.

little things

Doods. My boobs never get empty. Its weird.
Tzigana-Mae is five weeks tomorrow, it’s making me so sad, I miss those first days so much. She’s still doing great! It’s lots of fun, she’s hilarious to watch. Something about it being your own kid. Watching them never gets boring. For realz yo.
I’m pretty tired, and my brain is all over the place, so I’ll end the ramblings here.


This is her, “i just peed” face.

Babies are little bundles of healing light. ❤








(look at what good lighting can do!)


See, he is most definitely not a robot. Cyborg, maybe.

On the 11th it was our third wedding anniversary. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it since we have such a wee one occupying our days, but it was fantastic. The best one yet. And I really mean that.

Our anniversary was awesome-sauce!

We watched some movies, and had wine and orgasmic sushi and made out like teenagers.

(the whole not allowed to have sex still is actually fun)

((taylor has other facial expressions i promise))

(three weeks ago)
haaaa…Ima shithead

BUT see, I have a LJ and I posted there a buncha times. But you all don’t know about it, so you didn’t see.
But it’s your fault cuz you should follow me on Twitter.
Ya, you are.
OH ! some tips.
Get a baby vibrating chair. Just shut up and get one now. RUN.
annnd. Cloth diaper prefolds can give your newborn an effing horrific rash from them peeing so often >.<
Budget in Natural disposable diapers anyways, jerk.
People’s happiness because of your happiness, and their acts of grand generosity will restore your faith in humanity.

So timeline!

(p.s. this is not the birth story, I still am figuring that out all in my head first)

February 20th I posted this on LJ:

***Been having contractions since 8ish tonight. Moved around and had a shower and they’re still going. Thinking/Hoping this is it.***

24 hours later, almost to the minute, Tzigana-Mae was born! (huzzah)

With! My vagina virtually intact. Labour was painful. As in, “FUCK/BALLZ/SHIT!!” painful. Pushing felt fantastic, and once she was out LITERALLY! all the pain was gone. I felt the best I’d felt since ever. My midwives were laughing at how excited I was to have my kid on the outside and! to not! be! pregnant!!

***sidenote: now I really miss being pregnant.  She is growing too fast (sad trombone)

Since Ziggy’s birth, life has been a whirlwind. She keeps me busy, she is a  milk vampire. (she was born with two teeth)

This past week has been a bit more crazy than usual because she is going through a growth spurt AND! terrible gas pain issues (super sad trombone)

My time to type with my fingers is limited, so I’ll just get on with the picture onslaught.  Since it’s a pain in the arse to do video’s on WP I’m going to wait till I make her first month video extravaganza.





These are just of her first week. Since my camera decided to be a shithead and everything is on my iPod AND they will not import for some dick reason into my iPhoto so I have to do a post on my WP app which takes FOREVER!!!!!! ugh

oh actually the last couple pictures are from our anniversary day on the 11th.

Which, brings me to the next post!

Us part 1

Monday was a fantastic day.
Truly an awesome day from start to finish.

Taylor and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day.
For different reasons, but mainly because we’re broke like no joke, and were not people.
I love birthdays. That’s my thing, but everything else is

But even though we had no plans for anything other than an ordinary day, it ended up turning into a deliciously romantic afternoon. Something that was much needed without my realizing it.

I had done my makeup, and put together an outfit. Taken a few pictures (which I’ve already posted around the web and on here) when I was just laying down in bed and relaxing while feeling the baby move all around, savouring the last days of her on the inside, when Taylor came and put on some Bjork and laid down beside me. We just spent a while lying there, with him stroking my belly and my face and hair. We didn’t talk, just laid there listening to the music. Loving each other in the quiet.
He is so special, and makes me feel so very loved in such an intense way sometimes.
This was just one of those out of the blue moments, where we both slowed down at the same time and took the time to just, be.
Just us.
Soon, it will be us and her. The person we made. And just, ah.
Thinking about all that. That our lives are going to be so different soon, and I knew he was thinking all that too, by how he was drinking us in with his hands. Memorizing what I felt like pregnant.
The moment was so special, and I don’t want to forget this.
When things are tired, and stressful. I want to remember that he is perfect. That he loves me perfectly.

These days have turned very bittersweet, and I’m getting all emotional about it all being over soon. The feeling of a person hiccuping inside you (!) is so crazy, and surreal. I can’t explain it. But all those things, are very special and intimate.
It’s making me all sad that this part is going to be done soon, and I am really going to miss it.